Beerlings Hall - Heating a Historical Búilding

The Beerlings Hall in Canterbury, is a beautiful, medieval building, in the south of England. Beerlings Hall, formally The Guest House For Pilgrims to Canterbury 1315-1538, is one of the only buildings that remain today of the former Blackfriars (often referred to as the Dominican) Priory on the west bank of the River Stour.

The history of the hall starts in 1237 when Henry II granted the Dominicans land within the city’s halls, along with £500 and timber to build a church and priory. The building became home to the Blackfriars, informally known as the Dominican priory. For that reason the building was solely known as the Dominican Priory until its name change in 2015.

Since the 1940s the buildings have been owned by Poppy and Don Beerling, who were very generous in making it available for community groups to use. When Don Beerling died in 2013 the future of the buildings was uncertain, until The King’s School signed a deal to take it on. The building was renamed The Beerling Hall in honour of Donald Beerling.

Hudevad Radiators became involved in the restoration of the historic buildings in June 2016, when The Kings School, Canterbury requested GCSI Ltd of Dartford to install new radiators in the Ground Floor of Beerling Hall, Canterbury. Grenville Clay MD of GCSI Ltd approached the area sales manager of Hudevad Radiators, Kevin Pearson, for a solution to supply old style column radiators that would meet the School’s requirements in terms of visual fit and heating output.

Hudevad was able to offer the new Hudevad Classic radiator that was tailored to the School’s needs.

In August 2016 the Hudevad Classic radiators were installed in the building.