Innovative Student Housing Project in Odense

The new Campus House in Odense was ready in 2015 with 250 new apartments for the students of the University of Southern Denmark in Odense.

The building was funded by a generous donation of 385 million Danish kroner by the A.P. Moeller and wife Chastine McKinney Moeller’s Fund, and no expense has been saved in the project when it comes to interior: Verner Panton chairs, Louis Poulsen lamps, heated ceramic floors in the bathrooms, and private balconies – these are just some of the luxuries that the rooms are equipped with.

“We believe that if we make it in good quality the students who get the rooms will also respect it, and that way it becomes both easier and cheaper to maintain in the long run,” said architect Peter Poulsen from the A.P. Moeller Fund.

The dorm consists of three connected buildings in beautiful architecture that leaves no backside to the buildings. Each building has 15 stories, 12 of which are apartments. In addition to the many rooms, the Campus House also has community kitchens, living rooms with sofa arrangements and flat screens. Residents also receive a bike, and access to garden terraces, party halls, meeting rooms, fitness centers, sports areas, and a café.

The impressive project is characterized by a modern vision and eye on the future, which also becomes evident in the aesthetically innovative Hudevad Vertical radiators that are an integrated part of the interior in the community areas.

All the rooms are fully furnished and the kitchens are fully equipped, so the students barely need to bring anything.

“They just have to show up with their bags and sheets; the rest is taken care of. That should be manageable,” said Peter Poulsen.