ECCO Conference Center

The Ecco Conference Center is an architectonic beauty, which was started in June 2012 and was finished already in April 2013. The building, which is built as a perfect circle, is designed to fit naturally into the southern part of the Danish peninsula Jutland, with the national park, the Wadden Sea, as neighbor.

The team behind the project includes architects from DISSING+WEITLING Architecture and consulting engineers from Ingeniør’ne.

– Ecco contacted Ingeniør’ne in late 2011 with an ambitious plan to build a unique center to house both Ecco’s own employees and external conference visitors. Besides the specific demands to what the center should contain – 50 conference rooms, show rooms, experiential- and multifunctional rooms – the center should be a green, innovative building , which could function as an active part of Ecco’s goal to become the world’s best shoe company, says architect Daniel V Hayden from Dissing+Weitling.  

The center functions as a hotel for visitors of the company, and the trapeze shaped rooms supplies a very unique interior. Especially the contrast between light and shadow is piercing within the building. The design was the driving force, when the project was ongoing, and that made it a very interesting case for Hudevad Radiators.  

– It’s a clean Hudevad Radiators project with a great deal of design incorporated. The goal was to have clean and crisp lines and there were very high demands regarding the radiators blending into the building’s look. The focus was simply on getting the best products available, says Filip Rosenberg, Technical Project Manager at Hudevad Radiators.

What’s special about the radiators in the Ecco Conference Center is both the deep dark grey color, but also the fact that they are rounded.

– The walls of the building are rounded and the decision was made that that’s where the heat sources needed to be, so the radiators were tailored for that. The building has a lot of Hudevad Plan radiators with hidden connections so they are as discreet as possible, but they can still heat up the rooms with no problems. It’s a really nice project, says Filip Rosenberg.

Inside and out, the overall design of the building is made with wooden panels and warm gray concrete surfaces, which compliments each other wonderfully. There is linoleum on the bedframes, wooden floors, and lights fixed on leather covered panels sewn by Ecco’s own people, and lots of textiles in warm colors. It’s thoroughly an impressive building.