Kannikegården, Ribe

Kannikegården in Ribe is one of the area’s great achievements, as the building became nominated for a prestigious architecture award because of its beautifully unique design. The project started with an architecture competition in 2012, where several architect groups each presented their ideas for the project. To design a building dead center in the oldest town in Denmark is a once in a lifetime opportunity. It was the architects at Lundgaard & Tranberg Architects, who won the competition and designed Kannikegården as it stands today.

”The name – Kannikegården – refers to the old monastery, which existed as proven by the ruin that was discovered during the archeological excavation of the land. It is probably what’s left over from the monastery’s refectory, and dining hall, that was found, and the ruin was immediately conserved and protected by the government when it was found, said a spokesperson from Ribe Domkirke.

Realdania was in charge of the project, which was finished in January 2016. Kannikegården is open to the public, but it’s most important task is to house the administrative needs connected to Ribe counties, as well as housing the Ribe Dean office, according to Realdania

Hudevad Radiators has delivered 17 Hudevad Flat Front radiators in different sizes, as well as a LK floor convector. The radiators were painted in specialty colors to fit the unique interior of the building perfectly. One of our specialties is to tailor-fit radiators for historic buildings in look and feel, so that the integrity of the room isn’t compromised.

Kannikegården was amongst the 356 globally chosen projects from 36 different countries that were nominated to win the prestigious Mies van der Rohe award – also known as the EU Mies Award 2017. The award is named after a famous German architect, and awards pioneering modern architecture. Kannikegården was even a semi-finalist – among the top 5. Unfortunately it didn’t win the award, but that doesn’t make the project any less impressive.