Skejby Hospital

Skejby Hospital is a department under The New University Hospital in Aarhus, which is the largest hospital project in Denmark. The construction has been ongoing for decades, and will continue for quite some time in the future. When it is all done, it will have the size of a provincial city such as Skagen, or Ribe, Denmark.

The New University Hospital is meant to house all of the University Hospital departments that are now spread across Aarhus, according to Region Midtjylland’s website. That means the building will include 223,000 m2 new construction, integrated with the existing 157,000 m2 hospital in Skejby.

At Hudevad Radiators the project has been an ongoing collaboration.

“Skejby is a recurrent project. It’s a project that has been ongoing for many years and we’ve been supplying them with radiators long before Hudevad even came to Ribe. The first deliveries from us was probably sometime in the 80s, said Filip Rosenberg, Technical Project Manager at Hudevad Radiators.

Once it’s done, the hospital will supply 40-50 percent of hospital treatment in the region of mid-Jutland, and will treat 100,000 admitted patients yearly, receive 900.000 patients for emergency treatment yearly, and employ approximately 9000 employees.

In connection to the large-scale construction, there was a need for some creative and universal solutions regarding heating. The project thus inspired some innovative thinking and functionality combined in beautiful design.

“Traditionally, they have used our SC radiator in the hallway areas. We made a solution for them where the radiators are put directly into the concrete floor and the elements actually continue down into the floor. That makes it look like they’re just standing freely on the floor,” said Filip Rosenberg. “Because the radiators are integrated into the concrete, it’s extremely stable and robust. And because Skejby Hospital has floor-to-ceiling windows in many hallways, the radiator actually serves as a protection that keeps runaway beds rolling out the window.”

Another advantage with this solution, is that the SC radiator is “transparent” – meaning that it’s comprised of slats with lots of air in between, so that it lets in plenty of light. Moreover it’s quite easy to clean, as there are no hidden areas; what’s visible is all there is.

The clients at Skejby Hospital has throughout the process focused a lot on using products that’s been produced by companies that live up to certain environment requirements.

“There had to be a high degree of documentation on the products,” said Filip Rosenberg. “We have supplied the clients with documentation, both regarding effects, but also to show that we are a company that lives up to certain environment requirements.”

Apart from the Skejby department, Hudevad Radiators have also supplied to the new parts of the New University Hospital. Products include the Plan and P5 radiators, and a large amount of Standard radiators with integral without convector.

The project is ongoing and Hudevad Radiators are still collaborating with the team in charge of the building.