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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if my radiator becomes scratched?

You can repair the scratch using a touch-up paint stick in the required RAL colour (RAL 9010 white is the standard colour). Paint sticks are available from your local plumber or merchant, or contact our sales department via mail or phone.

How can I take into account different temperature sets?

Hudevad has created up conversion tables, allowing the required radiator output to be calculated from any specific temperature set. The tables are available under each individual product or in the Downloads section on this website.

What type of paint should I use to paint/re-paint a radiator?

Radiator paint is available as spray paint (in an aerosol can), as liquid paint or paint stick.

The standard colour of our radiators is RAL 9010 white.The procedure for re-painting powder-coated or wet-painted radiators is  as follows:

1. Clean the radiator.
2. If the radiator was originally powder coated, use PE powder paint.
3. If the radiator was originally wet painted, use synthetic, non-yellowing paint.
4. The paint should be water-based or a similar acrylic paint.
5. Allow sufficient curing time in accordance with the instructions for the paint concerned.

In which colours are Hudevad radiators available?

The standard colour is RAL 9010 white. To see our colour collections, please consult the colour brochure in the Downloads section. All radiators are available in other standard RAL colours against a surcharge.

Which tapping possibilities are there?

The standard tappings are ½” at the top and ½” at the bottom (horizontal) of each radiator end i.e. a total of four tappings (we call this ABCD tappings).

The following possibilities are also available:
- Upward facing (vertical) tapping with 2 x ½” tappings at the top of the radiator (GH tappings).
- Downward facing (vertical) tappings with 2 x ½” at the bottom of the radiator (EF tappings).

Can private individuals or companies buy Hudevad products direct?

Yes, you are able to buy our products in our webshop on Hudevad.com or buy contacting our sales office via mail: sales@hudevad.com or phone Tel.: +44 (0) 2476 88 1200

In which sizes are your radiators available?

Hudevad has specialized in making radiators in many sizes to accommodate exactly what you need. We have horizontally mounted radiators and vertically mounted radiators in the largest range of heights and lengths on the market. All radiator types and dimensions can be seen in the individual datasheets on the homepage.

Are spare parts available for built-in and visible valve systems?

Both complete valves and spare parts are kept in stock and can be ordered from us or from your local heating engineers or wholesaler.

What is the delivery time for a Hudevad radiator?

Radiators from our (stock products) can be shipped the same day or the day after it is ordered. Delivery time for made-to-order radiators is generally three to five weeks. Please contact our sales department for information on which radiators are included in our stock programme.

What radiator output do I need for my sitting room?

The required radiator output is determined by a number of parameters, including:

- The size of your sitting room.
- The age of your house (sitting room).
- Whether the house (sitting room) has been insulated since it was built (ceiling, walls, floor).
- Whether new energy-saving windows have been fitted.

As a rule of thumb usually somewhere between 30 and 100 W/m2 is required ñ see the examples below. Please note that the data used in the examples is for guidance purposes only!! For more exact calculations, please contact a consultant or a heating engineer.

Example 1:
Houses from the 1960s which have not been insulated since being built:
Required heat approx. 100 W/m2 floor.

Example 2:
Houses from the 1970s or 1980s which have been insulated since being built:
Required heat 50-60 W/m2 floor.

Example 3:
New houses:
Required heat 25-30 W/m2 floor.
Please note: Hudevad A/S does not perform heat loss calculations.

Are radiators available with other than ½” tappings?

Yes. Nipple sleeve adapters are available for 3/8” and 3/4” piping.

What do Hudevad radiators cost?

You will be able to find prices on each (standard) product in our webshop. (Please note: professional buyers should contact our sales department for quotes on projects.)

Can compact equipment be retrofitted to a radiator which is already installed?

Yes, but it is only possible if the radiator was manufactured after the year 2000. The radiator must be taken down for the compact equipment to be retrofitted.

Can feet be installed on all Hudevad Solid radiators?

Panel radiator feet are suitable for radiator types Hudevad Standard, Compact, Plan and Integral with heights 255, 355, 455 or 555 in models PKP/21, 1PK/11, 2PK/22 or 3PK/33.

MB radiator feet are suitable for radiator types RIOpanel Standard, Compact, Plan and Integral with heights 655 or 955 in models 2PK/22 or 3PK/33

LK radiator feet are suitable for: all LK convectors.

Can a flat front panel be fitted to a radiator which is already installed?

Yes, it can, although it is both cheaper and easier to order a radiator with flat front to begin with. Please contact our sales department for more info.