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Danish design
Energy efficient and reusable radiators
Hudevad design radiator

Energy-efficient and reusable radiators of the highest quality

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Timeless design radiators for all rooms 

At Hudevad we decided long ago that our radiator design should be more than just a heat source. Our radiator designs are all made with a simple and timeless expression where we give you lots of choices for shapes and sizes, thereby giving you the opportunity to choose whether the radiator should act as an eye-catcher in your interior, emphasize or highlight a specific part of the interior or whether the radiator should slide into the background, stored in a piece of furniture, built into the wall, or have a function as a bench or act as a wardrobe.
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Danish Design
Hudevad Radiator Design are Danish designed radiators of the highest quality.
10 year guarantee
We give you free delivery in mainland Europe and the UK and up to 10 years in warranty
Green Heating
We focus on energy-efficient solutions and sustainable construction.

Danish design radiators with a unique touch

Hudevad Radiator Design are Danish designed Radiators of the highest quality. From the very beginning, the focus has been on groundbreaking design, functionality and not least the small details that make a Hudevad radiator completely unique. With more than 85 years in the industry, Hudevad is still Denmark’s leading design radiator manufacturer.

We make unique radiators

A real Hudevad radiator has a discreet and tight look and there is a reason for that.

Since two homeowners haven’t got the same vision, the same aesthetics or the same desire for a building, the uniqueness of a Hudevad radiator is important to the interior design and not least to the heating of the different rooms in the entire building.  A Hudevad radiator has the ability to "disappear" into the background, to become an integrated, stylish part of the building and emphasize a room’s unique interior by means of the tight lines. 

However, the tight lines can also assist in doing the exact opposite - to highlight and clarify the function of a room, the distinctiveness of a home or simply letting the radiator become the natural center of the room.

There is no way getting around the fact that a heat source is a necessity in any building, but with the help of the small unique Hudevad details, we provide the opportunity to create integrated and stylish solutions with unique design features. Colors, shapes, sizes and our many design solutions are precisely the Hudevad force.


Same design throughout your home

Our Hudevad Radiators are available both as a standard Horizontal radiator, Vertical radiator and as a Lowline radiator. It allows for a uniform and streamlined radiator design in all rooms of the house - whether the wall space is limited, there are plenty of large window areas or if you desire the radiator to be built in.

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