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Hudevad Radiatorfabrik saw the light of day in 1936 in the small town of Hudevad but was founded as a blacksmith smithy back in 1897. Our Hudevad Plan radiator was produced for the first time in 1938 and has been one of the building blocks for all future Hudevad Radiators. The robust feel and the unmistakable Hudevad look have not changed much over the years and are a sign of the proud and dedicated craftsmanship that has always been a part of who we are. In 2005, Hudevad was bought by Denmark’s largest radiator manufacturer - Ribe Jernindustri - and moved from Hudevad to Ribe.

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Ribe Jernindustri closed in 2018, and Hudevad was sold to the British Stelrad Radiator Group. Focus on profitability, streamlining and production optimization is an important issue for Stelrad Radiator Group, and therefore new production facilities and new production methods were introduced in 2020. In October 2020, Hudevad Radiator Design moved from Ribe to Kolding, where new offices, a large warehouse and a special Hudevad production were inaugurated.

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The relocation of our production meant a reconsideration of our well-known Hudevad designs to ensure that Hudevad still meets tomorrow’s heating requirements, and that quality, form and function and the special” Hudevad feel” are still there. It is important that the feel and overall expression of our Hudevad radiators remain the same even if the production methods change and some models get a slightly different look. The large investments in production, warehouse and offices are part of our continued Hudevad journey ahead and ensure that our beautiful design radiators are also here tomorrow.

Through close collaboration with our global clients, architects and designers, we challenge existing perceptions and remove boundaries by combining excellent functionality, complex technology and excellent design for world-class radiators..

Our means is simple but beautiful design. Our goal is to create radiators that are MORE than just heating.

Jesper Friis - hudevad
Jesper Friis
Sales - CEO
Charlotte Geiser - hudevad
Charlotte Geiser
Customer Service & Purchasing
Erna Schack - hudevad
Erna Schack
Customer Service
Martin Erichsen - hudevad
Martin Erichsen
Sales - Area Sales Manager Denmark, North
Kent Junkuhn - hudevad
Kent Junkuhn
Sales - Area Sales Manager, Denmark South
Patrick Jensen
Area Sales Manager, Denmark, East
Kevin Pearson - hudevad
Kevin Pearson
Sales UK - Specification Manager UK South/North
Mark Tully - hudevad
Mark Tully
Sales UK - Specification Manager London UK
Christa Tidemand
Christa Tidemand
Project Coordinator
Aijing Wittrup
Aijing Wittrup
Bookkeeping and administration
Trine Harbo Clausen
Trine Harbo Clausen
Adrian Stewart
Adrian Stewart
Preben Andersen
Preben Andersen
Boy Hoppe
Boy Hoppe
Danish Design
Hudevad Radiator Design are Danish designed radiators of the highest quality.
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