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We think design

At Hudevad - design is always a part of our everyday life

Not just in our products, but in our production, our attitudes and way of thinking and yet we never design anything superfluous or just for the sake of design. We develop, improve and invent solutions - simply to meet a need. Our approach to design is strong and pure and we always think in form, function, feel and construction. We never stand still - because we listen - to the architects who like to specify our products in their constructions and to the people who use them every day. We do this to better understand how we can improve and push our products further and develop them to meet new or different needs.

Lifelong design

Trends and fashion changes every single year and therefore we consciously avoid designing and producing products that follow fashion and the current trends. The simple never goes out of style and a product of uncompromising quality only needs to be purchased once. We consider our products to be long-term investments. There will never be a spring or autumn collection. Instead, we offer products with a virtually lifelong durability. We place a great deal of value on the reputation of our products to pass "the test of time", because we believe that anything that is less than excellent in design, quality and craftsmanship is simply a waste - not just of money, but also of important resources.

World-class radiators

Despite the great changes the world, and we, have been through for the last 85 years, we have maintained and are constantly focusing on creating beautiful and functional world-class radiator designs. Through a combination of traditional techniques and new technologies, we create beautiful and timeless radiators that last for decades.

Although we have a modern and efficient radiator production in England that handles our standard production, several of our products are still shaped and produced by hand by our skilled craftsmen in our special production in Kolding, Denmark. Our radiator details are important and cannot be made by either machines or robots and we will not compromise on either quality or design. This is what we at Hudevad call Design Thinking.

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