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Energy efficiency

High efficiency

Hudevad sells design radiators in high quality, aesthetic and timeless design and not least with high energy efficiency. An energy-efficient heat source is beneficial to virtually all parties. It is an economic benefit for our customers, good for the indoor climate while being gentle on the environment. We are constantly looking for new, innovative solutions so that our radiators can be developed even more energy efficient.

Quick temperature adjustment

One of the technologies we deal with is a low water content in the radiators. It is an energy-efficient and long-lasting method that helps to ensure a healthy, well-balanced and good indoor climate. Radiators with a large surface area and a low water content are regulated very quickly and thus have a minimum of accumulated heat. Rapid adaptation to external influences means lower energy consumption and lower CO₂ levels, which essentially benefit the environment and keep heating costs down. By using radiators instead of underfloor heating and other heavy heat sources, over-temperatures are avoided, optimal and immediate climate adaptation is achieved and there is less heat loss at the correct temperature.

Temperature and energy consumption

Low water content is a feature that reduces accumulated heat and thus allows for high adaptability. Low water content equals a fast response time, which means that it heats up quickly and more importantly - cools down quickly. It prevents overheating and waste of energy, which is a problem with underfloor heating and older radiators.

Apart from the extra comfort that comes with quick adjustable temperatures, low water content is also good for the environment. The faster the water can be heated and cooled, the less energy is used to achieve the right temperature, which makes low water radiators very energy efficient.

Heat distribution

Heat is not just heat. It is not enough just to think about the amount of heat needed when choosing radiators for your project. One aspect that is very often neglected, but is just as important, is the possibilities of heat distribution.

Radiant heat - Heats objects / things

  • Heats objects / things directly in front of the air between them
  • Radiant heat is fast and distributed in all directions
  • Good when the air changes frequently (e.g., in corridors, footbridges, etc.)
  • Easy to clean.

Convection heat - Heats air

  • Provides a comfortable room temperature in rooms with high turnover of people
  • Radiation and convection can be combined to form the absolute best heating solution for the respective location. It is a matter of choosing the right radiator.

Green energy

Intelligently produced radiator heating is not just an energy efficient and sustainable solution. The large sur-faces and minimal content of water mean that the temperature is quickly regulated. A rapid adaptation to the environment means lower energy consumption and less CO2, which in the end is a benefit for both the environment and the economy.

We care about the environment and do a lot to make green heating for you and for future generations. We try to be as green as possible, not just in our production - but in everything we do.

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Danish Design
Hudevad Radiator Design are Danish designed radiators of the highest quality.
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We focus on energy-efficient solutions and sustainable construction.

Radiator design should be more than just a heat source

We have chosen the approach that radiator design should be more than just a heat source. We create radiator designs with a simple and timeless expression with lots of choices for shapes, sizes, and colors, thereby giving the user the opportunity to choose whether the radiator should act as an eye-catcher in the interior, emphasize or highlight a specific part of an interior or whether the radiator should slide into the background, stored in a piece of furniture, built into the wall, or have a function such as towel dryer or act as a wardrobe.

For us, Design Living is the use of a good design that fits in everywhere, emphasizes the individual style, decor and interior and is contributing to the creation of the right atmosphere - yes, basically contributing to a lovely home and building to live in.

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