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Our production

Hudevad's production of design radiators takes place partly at our factory in England and partly at our location in Kolding, Denmark and using highly specialized external suppliers.

We also do special solutions

Our modern production in England handles the manufacture of our radiators in standard dimensions. The factory in Denmark produces everything that requires special tools, highly trained staff and processes that includes many working hours and special drawings. Among other things, our radiator series SC, is produced exclusively at the factory in Kolding, as it requires specially trained personnel and is produced in many special solutions such as angled and curved versions. All radiators for the project market, where there are special solutions that require something out of the ordinary, are also produced either in whole or in part at the factory in Kolding.

We improve

Common to both locations are a great desire to deliver design radiators that are better, more energy efficient and not least timeless in their expression and which always live up to the high expectations our customers have of our products. We constantly strive to develop and optimize our radiators. New technological solutions that can make our radiators greener, provide more heat or new technological advances that we can benefit from are always on the drawing board in our technical department.

To actively develop, inspire and challenge our employees, we also work closely with others in the industry, have ongoing workshops with architects, architecture students and industrial designers to get new inspiration, be challenged on materials, design and layout, for that way to create the radiator design of the future and new technological solutions that can benefit us all.

Made by hand

Our SC radiator is one of the radiators that are produced in our special production department in Kolding, Denmark. Many of the components are still done solely by hand by our skilled craftsmen as the attention to detail can´t be left to machinery or robots. As they say in SC production: "We know when the individual parts are soldered to perfection, we can feel it in our hands when the radiator has had just the right amount of sanding and grinding, so we know when to stop and not ruin everything. We even bend the steel by hand with special tools, so we get the right curve or angle at the radiator”.

The SC radiator can be made in many different sizes and shapes like curved or angled - and can even be fitted with integrated legs, so it can be fully integrated into the environment. Our SC radiator is often used in front of large windows as the distance between the elements let every bit of sunlight into the room.

Danish Design
Hudevad Radiator Design are Danish designed radiators of the highest quality.
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