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From functionality to elegant design
Production of cast iron radiators declined in the 1930s due to increased costs in cast iron. Instead, cheaper production of pressed steel radiators gradually took over. The first craftsman-made radiators from 1929 were thus quickly replaced by column radiators, welded from pressed steel sheet.

Hudevad began its production of PLAN radiators in 1938, on Norwegian licence. Thanks to its simple, elegant design, this pressed steel radiator quickly became popular and by the 1960s PLAN was Hudevad's main product.


Partnership with Ribe Jernindustri
Ribe Jernindustri A/S acquired shares in Hudevad Radiatorfabrik A/S in 2004 and took complete control of the company in December 2004.

Ribe Jernindustri A/S was established as an iron foundry by Frederik von Støcken in 1848. The company achieved nationwide acclaim for its cast iron stoves, the production of which continued until the 1970s. Since then, the company has concentrated mostly on the production of pressed steel radiators.

As Hudevad exported much of its production while Ribe Jernindustri had a large share of the domestic market, their partnership provided a great opportunity for significant growth, not least on export markets.

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About Hudevad

Customised craftsmanship
Up through the 70s, 80s and 90s, Hudevad became known for its customised radiator solutions and high-quality products. It was no longer necessary to hide radiators behind screens. Instead, they became an architectonic part of the room.

During the 1970s, Hudevad Radiatorfabrik A/S had more than 300 employees, branches in Rudkøbing and Struer, and sales companies in Germany, the UK, Belgium, France and Canada. The Rasmussen family led Hudevad faithfully and proudly through four generations – transforming it from a craftsman's workshop into an industrial enterprise and taking the world by storm.

Today, Hudevad radiators can be seen all over the world, for example in the Eiffel Tower Restaurant and the Copenhagen Opera House. And despite the developments and upheavals of history, the Hudevad brand has been retained, along with its strong values and proud traditions.

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