In Ribe, we have radiators in all shapes and sizes - including the ones you need.

And that is because we manufacture them ourselves in our factory in Ribe. If you ever need a radiator that is not in our standard portfolio, you just tell us what you need. We have made it our priority to make radiators especially to suit your exact demands, and we are actually quite good at it. Read on and see what your options are.

Heights and lengths:

Our range of standard sizes is really wide. From a cute mini radiator in 200 mm in width and 255 mm in height to one of the very large ones in 4000 mm in width and 955 mm in height. And that's just the standard sizes of course. We produce our radiators at our Ribe factory, which has so much built-in flexibility that you can get exactly the size of radiator you want.

Two examples of special sized radiators are the New Carlsberg Glyptotek in Copenhagen and DOKK1 in Aarhus. The Glyptotek was a bespoke hand-crafted 16 meter long Hudevad SC with special element spacing and a handrail in brass mounted on top, so that it also acts as a handrail towards the Winter Garden of the museum.

At DOKK1 in Aarhus, they have impressive high ceilings and a custom crafted interior and design to suit the large rooms. We supplied a 5 meter high Hudevad Plan XV in special color, built into a niche in the concrete wall.

Hudevad Plan XV


Curved and angled radiators:

If you - like the shoe company ECCO for example - would like a completely round conference center, and if you are having a hard time fitting a flat square radiator onto the curved walls, we'll just make a curved radiator for you. The degree of the curve is not important as we can make almost every thinkable rounding and on many different radiators.

You can also get an angled radiator, if it e.g. has to fit into a corner (inside angle) or follow a wall around the corner (outside angle). You are also not limited by a single angle because we can easily make more angles on one radiator.

Hudevad Plan

All the colours of the rainbow:

When it comes to colours, you have no restrictions either - absolutely none. We offer both colour matching and colour consultations by experts, so you can match your exact wall color. You can, of course, buy your radiators in all the classic RAL colors, and we have even collected our favorite colours in two Scandinavian-inspired collections, but we also work with other colour systems. We use NCS Natural Color System, a system specifically based on the way the human eye perceives colours. In addition, we use FARROW & BALL and Little Green colours, which are two systems suitable for restoration of historic buildings.

Hudevad Consilio

1, 2 or 3 deep:

In some places, there is very little room available, and it's a shame to have a radiator that fills half the space for example in a small hallway. For those areas we have radiators consisting of only 1 panel (1P). An example of this is the Hudevad P5V (1P), which is only 40 mm in depth. There are also rooms that just need a lot of heat without having walls filled with radiators. For those we have e.g. a 3PKs - a radiator consisting of 3 panels and 3 convectors. It gives off a lot of heat, but it also takes up a bit of room...

Hudevad P5V

Tappings, tappings and more tappings….

The most common tapping on a radiator is a regular ABCD, which is therefore standard on most of our radiators. There are also a number of other tappings for special purposes and radiators, and of course we also supply those. There are connections on the same side, bottom, top or out of the wall. And there are center tappings, which make it extra easy to install radiators exactly in the middle under a window. We make forced water and built-in partitions when necessary, so no matter how your radiator is connected, you can be sure it works optimally.

Something very special is also the hidden tappings, UR flex. These are especially used in the healthcare sector, where hygiene is paramount. The pipes are made of hygienic silicone so they are easy to clean and hidden behind the radiator for minimal dust deposition.

Hudevad P5 Swing

Valves and accessories:

All of the above should be enough to make your bespoke radiator, but we keep on goingon. In addition to what we have already talked about, there are accessories and valves and much more. E.g. most radiators can be wall or floor mounted with or without legs (we do not recommend wall mounting a radiator with legs on it - it's silly). There are different options for valve types and for where on the radiator they are located; out of the side, at the bottom or out of the front.

Hudevad Standard

So when we say "all shapes and sizes," we actually mean it. We can make exactly the radiator you need. Just ask us and we will find a solution especially for you.