In September 2017 we took part in the Expobiomasa in Valladolid, Spain. The exhibition dedicated to sustainable energy solutions reflected the large investments currently going into biomass district heating plants.

Even if Spain seems like a nice, warm country to many Northern Europeans, heating is essential in winter in northern and central Spain and is quite useful in other areas – winters can be cold everywhere with the exception of the Canary Islands.

The Spanish district heating goals are ambitious; forecasts indicate that in 2020, 704 biomass district heating plants will be in operation, representing a 95% increase over the 2017 estimate (362). In addition, installed capacity growth will more than double, with 860,757 KW in 2020, compared to the 401,057 KW that will be recorded this year. (Source: The National Observatory of Biomass Boilers.)

With such an intense focus on sustainability and energy efficiency, it was no surprise that the interest in innovative and energy-efficient radiators was overwhelming during the four day exhibition. Hudevad Radiators showed a number of radiators from each of our three product categories from the highly robust and durable panel radiators, sleek Plan radiators to the exclusive state-of-the-art designer radiators.

The crown jewel of the collection and the product which spurred the most attention was the completely built-in radiator, Hudevad Lignum. The Lignum is the most hygienic and easy-to-clean radiator on the market, and its patented heating system and insulation construction was a real spectator magnet during the show. The Lignum has been installed in such a prestigious project as the Mærsk building in Copenhagen. The building was designed by famous architects C.F. Møller and it is a part of Copenhagen’s University Hospital, Rigshospitalet.

In this video from the exhibition produced by the Expobiomasa organization, Business Developer Leon Walker explains the benefits of this innovative radiator.

In light of the growing market and the increasing interest from Spanish stakeholders, the Expobiomasa is a very recommendable exhibition for companies with energy-saving, sustainable products wanting to awaken the attention of architects, engineers and installers. We participated in the show for the first time and it was definitely worth our while. The number of talks we had with professionals from all aspects of the building industry made the Expobiomasa a very successful undertaking for us. You can learn more about the exhibition here.

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