How much is a truly hygienic radiator really worth? Well, depending on how you look at it, the answer differs quite a lot. Do you look just at investment or maintenance costs? Or do you look at the infection prevention issue, whivh is very hard to value. So how much is the Hudevad Lignum really worth. We have taken a look at something which is easier to price: the cleaning costs.

The answer to the question above is: About DKK 1,300 in savings per year, per radiator. And that’s just cleaning costs.

For a hospital case in Denmark, we calculated that the time and costs saved, mainly in cleaning, with a Hudevad Lignum radiator equates to around DKK 1,300 (EUR 175) per year compared to a traditional panel radiator. For a hospital with say 500 radiators, that’s a hefty DKK 650,000 (EUR 87,000) in running costs per year that can be saved or put to use elsewhere. This means that the radiator has a return on investment of just one year to the building owner.

And this does not include the other, broader benefits such as a cleaner environment, lower risk of infections and the freed-up space. There are also practical and aesthetic improvements such as no visible piping and clear walls.

The Hudevad Lignum hygienic radiator was specifically designed for a world-leading healthcare institute in Copenhagen, the Panum Institute. A first of its kind, the requirements were for an easy to clean, almost invisible, fast reacting (heating and cooling) and hygienic (no dust or bacteria) heat source. Read the case story here.