We know the name “Hudevad” isn’t for international tongues. We’re sorry. But after so many years, we’ve grown attached to it.

The name “Hudevad” is of a historic nature in Denmark, as it is the name of the city where the old smithy was founded in 1936 by Hans Rasmussen. He was an industrious metalworker who had spent the previous few years designing central heating boilers and radiators. He founded Hudevad to bring heating and design together and add craftsmanship and architecture to heaters so that they would enhance the room in which it’s placed, rather than compromise it. It is his vision that still guides us today.

In Danish, the name “Hudevad” rolls straight off the tongue, in regular Danish fashion with the soft d’s and all vowel sounds. We pronounce it “Hoo the va(and then here you have the soft sound of “the,” but without the vowel). Not so straight ahead; we know.

Since our founding, much has happened and we’re now a very international brand. We do business all over the world and we recognize that our name is quite difficult for non-Danish speakers and keyboards. At least that’s what Google shows us. Because, though we as Danish people think it is an easy word to spell, we seem to be the only ones who think so.

In English, Hudevad is pronounced hoo-de-vad. Rolls right off the tongue, right? Our English area managers don’t think so either. However, the rich history of our name and the luxury weight of the Hudevad brand in hubs such as Paris and London prevents us from changing it. We hope will do business with us anyway.

Online is where we see the biggest difficulties. Google tells us how many times our name has been googled in a wrong spelling and whether or not the searcher found us in spite of the typos. Google tells us that some of the most popular misspellings are

  • Hidevad
  • Hudavad
  • Hudavard
  • Hudebad
  • Hudervad
  • Hudvad
  • Hundevad
  • Hudevand
  • Hoodervad
  • Hudevat

All are very understandable. We don’t mind you misspelling or mispronouncing our name, we just hope you find us anyway.

And again: We are sorry for the name.