Are you feeling blue? Or are you more of a mellow yellow? We are not talking about your mood, but about your radiator. Traditionally, radiators - except for cast iron radiators – are painted white. And this is fine for a clean look and a non-disturbing appearance. However, you carefully choose everything else that goes into your home: furniture, lamps, wall colours etc., so why not give your radiator a bit of attention and personality?

Whatever floats your boat...

Have you ever been told that if you can dream it, you can do it? We all know that it is a truth with some modifications, but looking at the colourful world of Hudevad radiators you really have the freedom to choose any imaginable colour.

Have a nice flat front radiator in the children’s room and want to match your little princess’ dream of a pink palace? Not a problem. Have a pirate with a preference for ocean blue at home? Ship ahoy.  Are you into colour matching every part of your interior and has fallen in love with some lovely sand coloured curtains which go next to your sleek vertical radiator? We can help.  So whatever floats your boat, Hudevad has a colour palette for it.

You are now entering the judgment-free zone.

Basically, you are the interior designer in your own home. We just make the radiator according to your specifications. And we all know that taste is individual, so welcome to the judgment-free zone. We have seen customized radiators in all colour variations come through our factory from the brightest of pinks to a rich, chocolatey brown or from curry coloured to the darkest of forest greens.

Technically, we work with several different colour systems to ensure you get exactly the look you want, and you can read all about that in our colour brochure. The important thing to know right now is that there are no limits. True, most designer radiators are white as are most standard panel radiators. But who says they have to be? It’s all up to you. So give us a challenge.

Colour Campaign

Right now and until the end of the year we have a special on our two Hudevad Colour Collections: the Nordic and the World collections. If you order your Hudevad radiator in a colour from one of the special collections before December 31st 2018, you will pay NO start-up fee and a surcharge of just 15£/18€ per radiator.

Download our campaign flyer (here for GBP and here for EUR) and colourize your radiator for less today.

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