Scandinavian design detailing now extends to colour matched radiators

The world over, Scandinavian style is admired and envied in everything from architecture and interior design to the almost brutal realism of Scandi noir literature and television. Such is its appeal that designs featured on screen become much sought-after, first by fans and then by others who quickly pick up on the trend, whether for a chair or a beautiful piece of knitwear.

Long-established companies, such as Marks & Spencer and John Lewis in the UK, have ranges of furniture and home accessories specially created to let their customers inject a boost of Scandinavian chic to their daily lives and in all parts of their homes. Interior design magazines have pages of advice on how to recreate the minimalist, but inviting, rooms desired by those who don’t live in the north European countries that make up Scandinavia but nevertheless are fascinated by the culture and history that have produced its unique decor and style. Millions of homes on every continent of the world boast furnishings from Ikea, proving that even a limited budget need not be an obstacle to bringing clever and beautiful, functional design into every environment.

Whilst it is true to say that many of us would identify white as the principal colour in Scandi decor, and rightly so, there is so much more to the sparing use of colour than immediately meets the eye. Bright pops of colour sing out to cheer your soul, whilst pastels induce a feeling of calm and relaxation. 

Discerning clients want the best that architects and designers have to offer; in their turn, these professionals are always seeking the highest quality available to ensure that their clients’ homes and work spaces are places they will love to occupy. Every aspect of living is important, and a comfortable and warm environment is vital to enjoying life and staying healthy.

Needless to say, in Denmark they know a thing or two about keeping warm! Imagine, if you will, a company that combines the very best in heating technology with style, efficiency and superb functionality. Hudevad is the proud manufacturer of top quality, designer radiators. The company has been keeping its customers warm for 170 years and offers a truly stunning range of designs to satisfy the most exacting requirements. Do you want white? Would that be a warm white or a white like the tops of waves in the Caribbean? Purple? Green? Hudevad offers a colour match service and provide bespoke finishing to your radiators that will complement your decor and enhance whatever mood you wish to create. 

The company has been delighted to serve prestigious clients throughout the world and its radiators are found everywhere from libraries and museums to hospitals and private homes. Hudevad is now part of the Stelrad Group and has added to Stelrad’s portfolio, presenting the high end, premium heating range demanded by top architects, consulting engineers and interior designers worldwide.