1.  Save money on our special colours: The Nordic Collection & The World Collection
We're finally in the spring mood now that the sun has finally reached Denmark, and we're celebrating by tinkering with the prices for our Colour Collections for all the month of May. Up until May 31st, we are throwing away the start-up fee AND the 15% surcharge, and replacing them with a flatrate of only £15 / €18 per radiator. The campaign price is valid all throughout May and applies to all orders of radiators in colours from our Colour Collections placed up until and including  May 31st 2018

Don't know about our colour collections? See or download the Colour Catalogue here.


2. Architect@Work all around Europe 

This year we are participating in the prestigious Architect@Work trade fairs all around Europe, with three of our innovative radiators for show. The fairs are a great way to network and show what we've been working on, and it is a wonderful way to see some of the brand new innovations of the world. We've brought along our new Hudevad Rakon convector for London, where we started, and to Barcelona as well, along with the two hyper-hygienic radiators, Hudevad Lignum and Hudevad Mundum. Will be on home territory in two weeks when we attend Architect@Work Copenhagen, this time with a brand new version of Hudevad Consilio with wooden panels on the front, instead of Hudevad Rakon. 

Architect@Work Copenhagen

3. Take a peek in two brand new Danish homes

From time to time, private persons choose to have quite special radiators installed in their homes, and two of the latest cases are these two Danish homes that are now on our website under the cases. One of the homes are located right in our home town, Ribe and they have gotten Hudevad Lignum installed in many of their window reveals. The other home is located in Northern Denmark, in Aars, and has gotten the versitile Hudevad P5V installed in several variations. Take a peek into these modern Danish homes right here.

Privathjem-Ribe          Privathjem-Aars

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