Ribe, March 2018. As the winner of the architectural competition for the Ribe Jernindustri factory area in Saltgade was found last year, an exciting base for the future town district was created. With the start of the preparation of the local plan in the first quarter of 2018, the expectations for the project are high.

The 10-man-sized jury consisting of representatives from Ribe Jernindustri, Realdania and Esbjerg Municipality chose architects Tegnestuen Vandkunsten as winners of the architectural competition after an exciting project process in the autumn. Ribe Jernindustri (which has been named Hudevad Radiators since the turn of the year) plans to move its production to Ribe Nord (read more about this here), and with this decision, there was a unique opportunity to develop a new and exciting town district on the old foundry area.

Tegnestuen Vandkunsten

The winners of the archictectural competitition:
Tegnestuen Vandkunsten A/S

The winning project is described by the judging committee as a proposal that "... convincingly enrolls in Ribes physical structure and history as well as in the town’s many layers of social activities. This is a project that can help increase Ribe's attractiveness as a business town, visitor town and settlement town. "

The project comprises a total area of 80,000 m2, and is bounded by Saltgade to the east, Ribe Å to the south, from Hovedengen / Wadden Sea National Park to the west and by Tved Å to the east.

Competition area

Overview of the competition area.
(Source: Judging report for Jernstøberiet Ribe, October 2017.)

The location of the new district posed major demands for landscape and urban considerations and the relationship between them. In addition, topics such as traffic and parking as well as building and heritage have been central to the entire project and competition phase.

The preparation of a local plan that addresses these things while integrating the winning team's visions has now begun and the project group has set a deadline for completion. Thus, it is expected that the project itself can be started in early 2019.

Image from winning proposal

Visualization of part of the winning proposal.
(Architect: Tegnestuen Vandkunsten. Source: Judging report for Jernstøberiet Ribe, October 2017.)