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Hudevad Novus bænkradiator foran store vinduer
Hudevad Novus in kitchen and in front of glazing

Do you want a cozy place to sit when you get out of the bath, need a place to enjoy a cup of tea in the morning or just need somewhere to sit when you put on your shoes before leaving for work?

Then a bench radiator might be the answer. Hudevads bench radiators fit perfectly into the various rooms of the house such as the hallway, the kitchen and bathroom. It is a discreet heating solution that has gained great popularity among our customers.

A bench radiator can transform your space and give you extra opportunities to use wasted space or where space was previously used by a traditional radiator.


What is a bench radiator?

A bench radiator is a radiator designed like a bench. It is an aesthetic piece of design and a functional heating solution in one and the same product. All radiator parts, such as pipes, valve and thermostat, are hidden inside the bench, and then it is mounted in the floor.

Advantages of the radiator bench

  • Radiator and bench in one and the same product
  • Always a warm place to sit
  • A discreet heating solution - many people do not realize that it is a radiator
  • Good for preventing thermal drafts in front of large sections of glass
  • Option to customize the look with different colours and bench tops


The radiator for the functional, modern home

There are things, products, solutions that we need to have in our homes - and a heat source is one of them. But just because it's a necessity doesn't mean it has to be boring and traditional.

This is the whole idea behind our bench radiators, and it has gained traction with many, who are either building a new home or renovating their home.

The bench radiator is perfect in rooms where you want more warmth but don't want to have a traditional radiator to disrupt the style. Maybe you want a place to sit and enjoy the garden view and at the same time need a heat source to prevent cold drafts from your large window section.

It is ideal in the boot room/mud room, where both adults and the children can sit down and put on shoes or use it in the hallway, where a traditional radiator often take up more focus than provide the needed space. It can be used in the bathroom, where it can provide somewhere to sit and dry your feet after a warm shower or give you added surface space to place necessities or stacked towels.


Types of bench radiators

At Hudevad we offer different designs for different needs. We have three different types of bench radiators, that can be tailored different ways to give you the design that fits your home and interior design. Our bench radiators are called:

Integral Bench is painted in a dark grey and comes with a bench top in either oak or beech. The radiator can be made in different colours, and we also have customized bench tops in stone or where the bench front is covered in wood slats.

bench web
Integral Bench in Living room. Used to prevent cold drafts in front of glazing


Our Novus bench radiator is as standard painted in white but can be painted in any RAL colour you would like. You can also choose to have your Novus fitted with a bench top in oak or beech – or supplied with leather cushions.

Novus with bench top
Hudevad Novus with beech top


The Piso Foris it a “heavy duty” bench radiator with a large heat output and are for those large areas where you find it hard to get enough heat with a standard radiator, but you still want something nice to look at and give your room that added functionality.

Piso Fortis
Piso Fortis in hallway
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