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Bispebjerg Hospital

The New Bispebjerg Hospital and New Psychiatric Department Bispebjerg is planned to be built on Bispebjerg Hill in Copenhagen. The project is completed in sub-projects towards 2025. One of the sub-projects is Bispebjerg Akuthus (intensive care), that will accommodate emergency department, operating rooms, intensive care and bed wards. To optimize the arrangement and layout of the bed wards, a mock-up is constructed for daily use on Frederiksberg Hospital.


Hudevad has contributed to the mock-up by installing a built-in Hudevad Mundum radiator. The radiator is discretely built into a niche under the window, sealed with the wall and thereby becomes one with the wall surface, which gives excellent cleaning conditions. Previously it is Hudevad Lignum that is used when a radiator needs to be built-in, but now it is also possible to use Mundum as an innovative solution.

The radiator has only one surface to be cleaned, so any accumulation of dirt, dust and bacteria is eliminated. The placement into the wall thus brings some flexibility to the bed ward because no space in the room is occupied by the radiator. Personnel, patients and relatives now have the chance to test the room and its installations before 576 copies of the bed ward eventually will be built in the new Bispebjerg Akuthus.

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