Conventional radiators have many spaces and openings for bacteria-containing dust and dirt and to collect, and they are difficult to clean thoroughly. The hygienic radiators from Hudevad are developed for the purpose of being easy to clean, so that they are optimal for use in hospitals, nursing homes, schools and kindergardens where good hygiene is of the utmost importance. In addition, many of our radiators are space-saving and have rounded corners making them ideal for dementia facilities as well.



When specifying radiators for healthcare environments, it can be a challenge to balance both comfort and safety, as these environments require much more attention to safety hazards than most environments. Sharp radiator edges may be dangerous for the elderly, especially dementia patients. High radiator surface temperatures may cause burns to children. For psychiatric wards, prisons, etc. radiators might provide an unfortunate place to hide items such as weapons or drugs. Therefore, radiators are quite an important decision in certain facilities.

Rounded edges or built-in radiators are an optimal solution to reduce risk of injuries. Where there is no possibility of installing integrated radiators, the Hudevad LST I Plus radiators are among the best on the market for safe radiators. They are tamperproof, have a low surface temperature and because of the safety casing, it is impossible to open and hide objects in or behind them. They are perfect for use in all buildings where safety is of the utmost importance.



Traditionally, healthcare facilities have a very clinical look and feel, and the atmosphere is quite often cold and uninviting. For patients who spend most of their time in these facilities, like psychiatric patients, the elderly, or the chronically ill, these facilities are as close to a home as anything. Therefore, making these spaces warm and comfortable should be a priority.

Hudevad radiators offer the utmost architectural flexibility so that our radiators can be seamlessly integrated as an invisible heating source or be used as a design element incorporated in the interior. All of this, while never compromising on output. We supply the perfect toolbox to get the best in both categories, so that future patients can feel right at home.



There are special needs and specifications for each room in any healthcare facility. You don’t need hyper-hygienic radiators in the stairwell, and you cannot have exposed convector ribbons in an operation room. The patient rooms need to be easy and fast to clean, while the laboratory might need to fully eliminate the risk of dirt deposits. Each room has special needs. We have all the solutions for all price ranges, so you only need to order from one place.


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