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Danish Parish Hall - combining new and old to create stunning new architecture

In the northern Danish city of Løgstør, the old church from 1893 was about to get a facelift when the city and parish decided that the parish hall should be build right next to the church – in fact the new build should create a new useable and covered space for the users to enjoy. The major challenge with the new build was always to build with respect for the beautiful old church, but at the same time create a architectural design that was pleasing, useable and would harmonize with the surround city, as the church is placed in the city center.

The unique interplay of old and new, creates a unique expression that enhances the old church. The parish hall connects elegantly to the church, with a clear hierarchy in the overall building. The new parish hall replicates many details in the masonry from the church, but in a modern interpretation. In this way, the traditional construction is transferred to a modern context. The stunning glass covering and the use of the same old red bricks as the church was once build of, makes the light and airy space in between the church and the new parish hall the users favorite space to hang out, socialize and enjoy whatever weather the day brings.

In this build our architectural advisor worked very closely with the architect to find the best heating solution. The choice was Hudevad Integral Bench and Hudevad Plan XV. The Hudevad Plan XV has been placed recessed into the walls and painted in the same colour as doors, windows and the glass facade. Hudevad Integral Bench has been placed as seating underneath the church windows and created a natural meeting space for the users.

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