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Mercantec - future-oriented architecture that unites

The beautiful building emphasizes Viborg's ambitious visions for urban development. With room for 1,200 students and 130 teachers in the new inspiring and innovative framework, learning, development and social life, will be an active part of the new facilities and the surrounding suburban environment.

The wish from Viborg municipality was to unite and connect Viborg city center and the new district Banebyen in southern Viborg. Mercantec's location is the ideal starting point for creating good urban planning solutions and promoting accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists between the old city center and Viborg Baneby. The school is surrounded by important features such as parking facilities, train station, library and swimming stadium, and the urban location has defined the processing of all visible facades. The result is an expressive and urban educational building that speaks the language of the city, adapts to the urban historical context and breaks down the large scale.

In architecture, material choice and design, has from the start been a contributing factor to meet the demands of the future. Mercantec is future-oriented and developed with a clear identity that can accommodate new relationships, functions and teaching methods. With its flexible and open building structure, the place caters to the individual user and at the same time supports the community's opportunities for development. The place expresses openness, changeability and flow and can adapt to changing demands for teaching environments. Mercantec has been nominated for School Construction of the Year 2021.

Hudevad has delivered several custom radiator solutions for the new school - from built-in radiators in the concrete floors, radiators in special colors that harmonize with the building's architectural signature to radiators built into niches and adapted to the environment in which they are installed.

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