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Noma 2.0

One of Denmark's leading restaurants has built something new in the wild, raw nature in the middle of Copenhagen

Noma was first with the new Nordic cuisine and has now redone the concept in the most beautiful surroundings with a location in beautiful wild nature a stone's throw from Copenhagen city center.

The new Noma - also called Noma 2.0 - has previously been named the world's best restaurant. The new restaurant is designed by Bjarke Ingels Group. BIG has called the new Noma a "garden village", a garden village, where they have created an entire enclave of small houses, greenhouses and garden beds in front of an old mine depot in central Copenhagen.

A total of 11 houses on the site are built in many different materials, where the unifying material for the entire construction is glass. And it's not random. In fact, it is absolutely central to the construction to support the guests' experience of the different and changing Nordic seasons. Here, nature penetrates completely into the building, which is built in beautiful Scandinavian materials such as wood in a myriad of different textures, shapes and colors - spiced with beautiful stones, brickwork, skins and glass that create the unmistakable "Nordic feeling."

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