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Visitor Center Skamlingsbanken - underground architecture with a view

A historic meeting place for modern people

The historic meeting place Skamlingsbanken between Kolding and Christiansfeld opened a new visitor center in 2021. A center that unites people of all ages with one of Denmark's great national monuments and the surrounding landscape created by the mighty forces of the ice age.

Since 1843, Skamlingsbanken has formed the framework for large public meetings and cultural events, where the Danish language, democracy and Danish culture have been celebrated, and where important topics have been put on the agenda from the rostrum. At language parties and public meetings, both then and today, there was both talking and listening, but also singing, music, theater, games and dancing. A meeting at Skamlingsbanken is about using one's democratic voice, but also about uniting and strengthening the community.

The visitor center itself is an architectural gem, designed by CEBRA Architecture. Although it is underground, tucked into the bank, from Støtten at the highest point, only a visible grass roof, while from the water side you can look through the windows to the cafe in the visitor center, which has 180-degree views of the stunning nature and the Little Belt..

In the beautiful visitor center, Hudevad has provided Plan XV Vertical for installation in niches to create uninterrupted wall surfaces and let the light flow unhindered into the beautiful high-ceilinged rooms and give visitors full access to the stunning views of the surrounding nature.

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