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The Eiffel Tower - when heating the top of Paris

The Eiffel Tower Restaurants “58 Tour Eiffel” and “Jules Verne” offer dining in a unique setting: contemporary décor designed by Patrick Jouin, and large windows to offer the best views of Paris. The Eiffel Tower's iconic metal is everywhere to be seen, and for those interested in the heating system, Hudevad has supplied the radiators to go with the fantastic setting.

When decorating the restaurants and installing the radiators a number of issues had to be considered. Firstly, there could be no loose parts which could vibrate or create any kind of noise. Secondly, the radiators had to be manufactured in highly durable steel to match the rest of the interior. Finally, all bolts and screws had to match the steel rivets used for the tower, and the colour was matched to the décor and the structure of the tower.

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