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The Square - architecture and interior design that maximizes small spaces

On Ribevej in the Eastern part of Aalborg, the Housing Association in Himmerland built 130 students' flats. The flats are primarily accomodated by students at the University in Aalborg, and provide easy access to supermarkets and public transportation, as well as being high-quality homes for young students.

The name ’Kvadratet’ (meaning "The Square") is not difficult to understand, when you look at a drawing of the building. The large, square building has an atrium in the middle, and surrounding it are 130 small students' one bedroom flats.

The architects from Friis & Moltke wanted a multi-functional heating solution which could help save space in the relatively small flats. The Hudevad Consilio bench radiator, which acts as a radiator as well as a seating or storage possibility, was perfect for the purpose.

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