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Can I use a Hudevad radiator with reversed water flow?

We sometimes experience older systems where the flow and return has been reversed or cases where the radiators have been installed incorrectly and the flow and return pipes has been reversed. When new radiators need to be installed using the old pipes, the reversed pipes must therefore be taken into consideration.

You can use a Hudevad radiator for reversed water flow. We recommend you use one of our radiators with preset valves. (Tapping code 11 or 12) In addition you just need to use the following fittings to "turn the flow":

1 pcs. Invertion fitting

2 pcs. Transition nipple in brass


The invertion fitting is mounted at the bottom of the radiator, where it makes sure to "cross" the water, from the flow to the return and vice versa.

Reversed water flow

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