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How to choose a radiator?

There are two important aspects when choosing a radiator: the type of radiator and the size of the radiator.



There are many types of radiators to suit individual styles and needs, from low ones (lowline) to high ones (vertical) and flat ones (horizontal) to columned ones (classic).

For example, flat, horizontal radiators are used in all manner of rooms and are often positioned carefully beneath windows. Vertical radiators however suit rooms with high ceilings and limited wall space, and are often placed next to windows, doors or in a recess. Luckily, Hudevad has a range of styles to help with that. Browse through our gallery to see what suits you.


Sizing of radiators

Once you know the types of radiators you are interested in, you can use our handy Hudevad Output Tables (also known as Conversion Tables) to find the size of radiator(s) which emits the required heat output for your space. These are available under our downloads section.

To use the Output Tables you will need to know your water flow and return temperature sets, which depends on what type of heating system you have. You will also need to have an idea of the amount of heat output required (usually expressed in BTU/h or Watts).

For a general overview on heat requirements, see the section on “What radiator output do I need for my sitting room?”. Nonetheless, Hudevad always advises you talk to your plumber or an HVAC specialist if you do not know your heat output requirements.

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