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What radiator output do I need for my sitting room?

The required radiator output is determined by a number of parameters, including:

- The size of your sitting room.
- The age of your house (sitting room).
- Whether the house (sitting room) has been insulated since it was built (ceiling, walls, floor).
- Whether new energy-saving windows have been fitted.

As a rule of thumb usually somewhere between 30 and 100 W/m2 is required - see the examples below.

Please note that the data used in the examples is for guidance purposes only!

For more exact calculations, please contact a consultant or a heating engineer.


Example 1:
Houses from the 1960s which have not been insulated since being built:
Required heat approx. 100 W/m2 floor.

Example 2:
Houses from the 1970s or 1980s which have been insulated since being built:
Required heat 50-60 W/m2 floor.

Example 3:
New houses:
Required heat 25-30 W/m2 floor.
Please note: Hudevad A/S does not perform heat loss calculations.

Please refer to our Hudevad Radiator Guide for further information.

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