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Haucon Headquarters

HauCon is one of Scandinavia's biggest distributors of special products and technical solutions for the construction industry and element factories. Their headquarters are located in Lystrup, Denmark. When it was time for refurbishment we collaborated with them to match the radiators with the new style of the building.

Haucon HQ

HauCon is in construction and wanted a raw look. The solution for the radiators was a clear paint, which has all the corrosion protection benefits from regular pigmented paint, but which results in a raw, almost unfinished-looking radiator.

One of the priorities at HauCon, aside from the distinctive design and the cohesiveness of the interior design, was effective output. The two radiators used are Hudevad Standard, the Danish bestseller, and Hudevad LK, a low floor convector - both of which have superior price/performance ratio.

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