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Hotel Opus

One of the country’s most ambitious hotel building projects kicked off in 2005. Hotel Opus in Horsens was to be an architectural front runner, borne by classic and modern Scandinavian style. On stepping into the Hotel Opus foyer, visitors are met by an overwhelming architectural vista. Smooth walls, white concrete and large expanses of glass are supplemented by striking wooden structures reminiscent of trees.

Hotel Opus

Hudevad was the natural choice when deciding on radiators.

”We chose a solution that could become one with the building while maintaining a distinctive expression. In the foyer, the radiators are integrated in a way that makes them seem invisible. The appearance is a success, a unified space and function,”

says Martin Hahn from Kim Utzon Arkitekter A/S. The hotel’s rooms, corridors and restaurant are also equipped with Hudevad radiators, thus ensuring superb quality and perfect integration with the architectural lines of the building.

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