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High adaptability=
better indoor climate

Low water content is a feature that reduces heat loss and allows for high adaptability. Low water content equals a fast response time, meaning it heats up quickly and, importantly, cools down quickly. That avoids overheating and wasted energy, which is a well-known problem with underfloor heating and older radiators. Apart from the added comfort that comes with fast adaptable temperatures, the low water content is also better for the environment. The faster the water can be heated and cooled down, the less energy is used to achieve the right temperature, thus making low water content radiators very energy-efficient.

Comparison of response time to temperature changes

Key benefits of choosing radiators

instead of floor heating


Reduce heat waste


Prevent cold
draughts from


Save money


Save energy with
fast response time



An issue which is very often neglected when planning heating sourcesis heat distribution. There are great advantages, both in comfort and economics, in choosing the right heat distribution option for the right room.


Radiant heating

  • Heats objects
  • Fast, travels in any direction
  • Good when the air changes often (eg. in hallways)
  • Easy to clean




  • Heat circulating air

  • Fast
  • Circulates dust and pollution

  • Complicated cleaning


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