Hudevad Lignum

Hudevad Lignum is our completely integrated radiator. It can be installed in window frames, walls, or floors, for a completely sealed heating source. It has no openings for dust and bacteria to gather and is extremely hygienic.

The vertical steel panel radiator with flat panels and cover for the pipe connection has zone divided panels which ensure that the heat is distributed where it is needed.

Hudevad Lignum


Flat panels in 2 mm steel plate acc. to EN 10051, EN 10130, DIN 2395
Water -filled panels: Profile tubes 70 x 11 x 2 mm acc. to DS/EN 10130
PIR foam insulation: “Class 1” fire approval in compliance with BS476 and B2 cf. DIN4102

Test pressure: 13 bar

Max. operating pressure: 10 bar - EN 442

Max. operating temperature: 95°C

Surface treatment:
Pretreatment: Degreasing, washing and chromate-free passivation
Priming: Primed with water based paint in pale grey.

Standard and Corner:
100-400 mm, in increments of 1 mm

Standard and Corner: 800-4000 mm, in increments of 100 mm

Standard: 38 mm
Corner: 38 mm – min. 100 mm
outside angle length

Tappings: 1/2” standard, adapter for 3/8”

Installation: Wall mounted brackets are included, Air vent is included

Optional extras:
Built-in valve
Top and bottom cover panels

Powder coated in white RAL 9016, gloss 70
Powder paint with high UV resistance.
Option: Painted in other standard RAL and BS colours

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