Hudevad LST Aegis

Hudevad LST Aegis is the epitome of safe heating. The radiator has a low surface temperature to avoid any burns from the high inlet temperature common in some countries, and its rounded edges prevent major injuries.

The LST Aegis is tamper-proof and can be safely installed in any facility. Aegis is the fastest-to-install of its kind on the market and is perfect for installation while a facility is in use.


12 Year Warranty - Free UK & EU Shipping

Front panel: 2 mm steel to DIN 1614, EN 10111
End panel: Pressed steelpanels in 2 mm steel, welded

Test pressure: 13 bar

Max. operating pressure: 10 bar in accordance with EN 442

Max. operating temperature: 90°C

Surface treatment
Pretreatment: Degreasing and passivation
Priming: Primed with water based paint in pale grey

Individual units: 600-2400 in 200 mm increments Radiator length is length of casing ÷ 200 mm

Casing: 600, 700 and 800 mm

150 mm

Radiators with side or bottom tappings can be used
When sizing, space for pipework and valves must be considered

Wall mounted at floor level or above floor level

Optional extras
Cut-out in end panel for pipework, blanks are pre-cut

Powder-coated white RAL 9010, gloss 70
Option: Painted in other standard RAL and BS colours
Surface treatment in accordance with DIN 55900 and EN 442

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