Hudevad P5

Hudevad P5 is the embodiment of clean design and reliable output. The look and feel of the P5 radiator, or any of its variants, is Scandinavian simplicity at its finest. The P5 radiator has a high output, is sturdy, stable and is truly an asset as an architectural tool.

The P5 has a smooth, flat rebated front plate with solid top and bottom and pressed steel vertical waterways. Water circulates directly behind the front plate. The P5K has convector fins welded on to the rear side of each plate.

As low as $165.20
Hudevad P5


Front plate: 2.00 mm steel to EN 10051
Rear plate: 1.25 mm steel to EN 10130
P5K convector fins: 1.50 mm steel to DIN 239

Test pressure: 10 bar

Max. operating pressure: 7.7 bar in accordance with EN 442

Max. operating temperature: 95°C

Surface Treatment
Pretreatment: Degreasing, washing and chromate-free passivation
Priming: Primed with water-based paint in pale grey

P5/P5K and P5-D/P5K-D:
400-4000 mm, in increments of 33.33 mm
Radiator lengths above 2500 mm are with open ends

P5/P5K and P5-D/P5K-D:
300, 400, 500, 600, 700 and 1000 mm

P5: 40 mm / height 1000 mm: 43 mm
P5K: 58 mm
P5-D: 105 mm / height 1000 mm: 108 mm
P5K-D: 123 mm

Tappings: 1/2” standard, adapter for 3/4”

Wall or floor mounted
Brackets are included
Air vents and plugs are included

Optional extras:
Console feet FH
PR feet
Adjustable brackets
Closed ends (standard with UR-flex)

Powder-coated white RAL 9010, gloss 70
Option: Painted in other standard RAL and BS colours
Surface treatment in accordance with DIN 55900 and EN 442

When buying this radiator in our webshop it is configured with standard tappings. For other tapping options, please contact us.

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