Hudevad P5V

The P5V has a discreet appearance to complement any architecture. It is the Ideal source of heat in rooms with limited wall space. The P5V is elegant, has a low profile design with a compact footprint and closed sides.

The P5V has the typical traits of the P5 product family. It has a smooth, flat, rebated front plate, and is extremely robust and durable. Available with towel rails or pegs.

As low as $266.00
Hudevad P5V


Front plate: 2.00 mm steel to EN 10051
Rear plate: 1.25 mm steel to EN 10130
P5KV convector fins: 0.50 mm steel to EN 10130

Test pressure: 10 bar

Max. operating pressure: 7.7 bar in accordance with EN 442

Max. operating temperature: 95°C

Surface Treatment
Pretreatment: Degreasing, washing and chromate-free passivation
Priming: Primed with water based paint in pale grey

P5V/P5KV and P5V-D/P5KV-D:
300, 400, 500, 600, 700 and 1000 mm
Types 43C/108C (P5V/P5V-D) only apply to 1000 mm
length - see page 3

P5V/P5KV and P5V-D/P5KV-D:
800-2500 mm, in increments of 33.33 mm
Heights between 2500 and 4000 mm are available

P5V: 40 mm, P5V 43C: 43 mm, P5KV: 58 mm
P5V-D: 105 mm, P5V-D 108C: 108 mm, P5KV-D: 123 mm

Tappings: 1/2” standard, adapter for 3/4”

Wall mounted
Brackets are included
Air vents and plugs are included

Optional extras:
Towel rails/towel pegs
Adjustable brackets

Powder-coated white RAL 9010, gloss 70
Option: Painted in other standard RAL and BS colours
Surface treatment in accordance with DIN 55900 and EN 442

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