Hudevad SC

The Hudevad SC radiator is the perfect heating source for making a statement. The radiator has a very high-end and timeless design that is highly customizable for the perfect fit in any environment. The radiator doesn’t block the light, as its flat elements are spaced and angled for optimal effect and ’air’.

The SC radiator is optimal for many applications due to its unique design that blends into the room archietcture without stealing focus.

Hudevad SC


Headers: Square steel tube 35 x 35 x 2.5 mm to EN 10305-5
Flat tube elements: Steel tube 70 x 11 x 1.9 mm to EN 10305-5

Test pressure: 10 bar

Max. operating pressure: 7.7 bar in accordance with EN 442

Max. operating temperature: 95°C

Surface treatment
Pre-treatment: Degreasing, washing and chromate-free passivation
Priming: Primed with water based paint in pale grey

Element spacing: S = 40, 60 or 80 mm

Length: 80-4600 mm
Max. length, however, depends on height and weight
Radiator length is calculated as:
Element spacing S x (no. of elements ÷ 1) + 40 mm
No. of elements for a given radiator length is calculated as:
(radiator length L ÷ 40)/element spacing S + 1

Height: 300-3000 mm in increments of 100 mm
SC higher than 1400 mm is braced with a steel rail on the rear side
of the flat tube elements

Depth: SCE: 98 mm
SCD: 160 mm

Tappings: 15 tapping options
1/8”, 3/8”, 1/2” and 3/4”

Wall mounted, on feet or on mounting pillars.
Brackets are included. Air vents and plugs are included.

Optional extras:
Fixed feet SF124
Free standing feet SH124
Waterway feet SK150
Waterway feet SE150
Mounting pillars SC477-482
3P/30 and 1PK/11)

Powder coated in white RAL 9010. Gloss 70
Option: Painted in other standard RAL and BS colours
Surface treatment in accordance with DIN 55900 and EN 442

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