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More than heating

On this page, we have gathered a lot of inspiration for you about what kind of company Hudevad Radiator Design are, what we think, what we do and what we want for the future. The essence of who we are has a central focal point around our beautiful and functional radiators, which is always the starting point in what we do. Not only in our daily lives, where we do business, help customers, advise, and make the wheels turn, but also when we develop new designs and efficient heating solutions for our customers and when we dream big dreams about everything we want to be and can do in the future.

For several years we have had a slogan called "When radiators are MORE than just heating" and it is very apt for our radiators, but also who we are as a company, because we are MORE than just radiators.

Danish design

We love details and we care about them! Our iconic radiators are classic Danish design with more than 85 years behind them. Our philosophy has always been that we must create durable, functional and beautiful radiator design, which architects around the world will be happy to use in their buildings.

There are lots of thoughts and feelings behind our Danish design and you can read much more about it right here.

Danish design
Design thinking

Our radiators can last a long time! We are about to say forever, but it is probably stretching it, but it is not abnormal that our radiators are first removed when the building they are installed in is going to be demolished.

In our western “buy-and-throw-away” culture, it may seem strange to have the same radiator throughout the life of the house, but it makes so much sense and is one of the cornerstones of our Design Thinking.

Design thinking
Design living

It is important to us that the Hudevad radiator you choose for your project or your home, suits you and your heating needs. A radiator is just not very desirable but is a necessity in all homes and buildings. We try to create radiators that can adapt exactly to you!

Whether you want your radiators to have a prominent place and be highlighted in your home decor or want them built-in and tucked away, you can be sure that we have considered it carefully.

Design living
Green heating

There is no company today without self-respect that does not consider how their products and their production affects the environment - and of course we have too. Many people consider steel production to be a dirty and big environmental culprit, but the fact is that we are at the green end of the environmental spectra with our design, our production, and the recyclability of our radiators.

We have made a lot of efforts to be able to provide you with green heat and - of course continue to develop our green profile - and become even better at using the resources we have available for the common good of our planet and us all.

Green heating
Energy efficiency

That a radiator must be efficient should be a matter of fact, but there is a big difference between radiator design and how much heat a radiator provides. Of course, we want to supply a Hudevad radiator to you, that is beautifully designed, has a high efficiency, performs optimally and is as cheap to operate as possible.

Low water content provides a fast and efficient temperature adjustment, so it is one of the technologies we work with at Hudevad Radiator Design.

Energy efficiency
Danish Design
Hudevad Radiator Design are Danish designed radiators of the highest quality.
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We give you free delivery in mainland Europe and the UK and up to 10 years in warranty
Green Heating
We focus on energy-efficient solutions and sustainable construction.
More inspiration

We make beautiful radiator design – designed for modern living, everyday houses, lavish hotels, efficient office buildings, restaurants, palaces everything in between. But sometimes you just need to be inspired by beautiful images to find the radiator design that will fit in your dream home or building design. We have gathered an image collection of our radiators for you to browse through and we hope that you will feel and be inspired.

Image gallery
Download Hudevad catalogue

Get the full overview of our entire product range and find the one you like best. We have gathered all our radiators in a beautiful catalog filled with inspiration for interior design with our radiators and how they differ from each other, so you easily can find the model that best suits your home or the project you are working on.

Hudevad catalogue
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