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Hudevad radiator for the bedroom

Hudevad Radiator Design is internationally recognized as the company that delivers an incomparable radiator design of the highest quality. From bedroom to kitchen and from bathroom to living room, the safe and stylish, elegant Hudevad design makes the interior of the home harmonize beautifully through all rooms.

We understand the design of any radiator for all possible versions of bedrooms. We often prefer to sleep in the bedroom at a lower temperature than in the rest of the home - and all radiators in our range can be used in the bedroom without problems, as they all have a good performance, are fast in temperature adjustment and can be adapted to even the most untraditional solutions and spaces. If you have different temperatures in the different rooms of the house, you must remember to close the doors to utilize the heat most efficiently. As a rule of thumb, the temperature in the bedroom should be approx. 2-3° C lower than the other rooms of the home for the most optimal sleep - that is, a temperature of approx. 17-18 ° C.

Location of radiator in the bedroom

One factor you should consider, is the location of the radiator. If placed under the window, one of our many horizontal radiators, such as P5 Horizontal, Fionia Horizontal or the more retro-designed Hudevad Classic will be an obvious option.

If you have large windows, one of the many beautiful Hudevad Lowlines could be a possibility. Our LK low convector is always a good choice, as it presents itself well from both front and back, but also Fionia Lowline or the easy-to-clean Integral Lowline are strong candidates.

If there is room by the windows for a vertical radiator, it is also an option. Here we can, among others, recommend P5 Vertical or Fionia Vertical. The vertical radiator can advantageously be equipped with hooks so you can hang your bathrobe on the radiator for a nice comfy, warm wrap in the morning and for optimal use of the space.

Better economy, indoor climate and environment - with Hudevad design

A Hudevad radiator for the bedroom is not only beautiful to look at; it is also good for your wallet, the environment and your indoor climate. Our various radiator designs typically have a very low water content and are therefore quick to regulate different temperatures. The quick adjustment also means that you after a short period of time will find that you save money on your heat consumption.

The fact, that the radiator in this way accumulates less heat, means that we - as consumers - emit less CO₂ into the atmosphere and we thereby take better care of our environment. In addition, with a Hudevad radiator in the bedroom, you get an element in your home that is beautiful and elegant, but also wonderfully easy to maintain and clean. In the bedroom, more dust will gather, but with the smooth and simple appearance of our radiators, less bacterial dust and dirt accumulates and you will therefore find it easier to maintain a healthier indoor climate.

Danish Design
Hudevad Radiator Design are Danish designed radiators of the highest quality.
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We give you free delivery in mainland Europe and the UK and up to 10 years in warranty
Green Heating
We focus on energy-efficient solutions and sustainable construction.

The Hudead radiator is the easy choice

Hudevad is often the first choice when building engineers, architects, and private individuals seek beautiful elegance and Scandinavian minimalism of high quality for use in bedrooms and the homes other rooms. With the calm expression and the high functionality and modern expression, our radiator design is easy to install in new buildings and when used for renovation.

If you need a beautiful and functional radiator for the bedroom, then you are very welcome to scroll through our beautiful range. If you have a technical question or need help, you are always welcome to contact us on +45 75 42 02 55 or in the UK at 02476 881 200 or fill out the contact form below, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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