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When you think of your home and the rooms you spend the most time, you probably don’t think of your hallway as one you spend time in at all, but the fact is that your hallway is a busy hotspot and is often a link to the rest of the home. This is where you enter your home, and the hallway is the room you must go through to get to the other rooms of the house.

A busy "hotspot"

The hallway is therefore a busy "hotspot" in your home and with that in mind, it makes perfect sense to make the area as comfortable to stay in as possible.

However, hallways can be difficult rooms to heat. Often space is limited, there are lots of doors leading to other rooms and there may be drafts from exterior doors. At Hudevad, we have thought of all that when we design a radiator for your hallway.

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A radiator for the hallway equals several solutions

There are countless radiator solutions for heating the hallway, but which one to choose depends on several different factors - including heating needs, the decor of the room and the size of your hallway. The fact is that every home is different and the best radiator solutions vary from room to room. At Hudevad, we have taken the consequence and made it easy to combine our different radiator designs and still achieve a coherent and uniform flow in the interior design style for the entire home, as we often have the same radiator model in several different variants and shapes. It is therefore not the form that matters. The common thread is kept throughout the home, due to the uniform common features of the minimalist design. As a guideline, however, you can relate to the following suggestions:


Vertical radiator for the hallway

If you have a long and narrow hallway, you do not want a bulgy, large, oversized radiator that takes up a lot of space in the room. In long narrow corridors and entrances, it therefore makes good sense to choose a Hudevad Vertical radiator solution. A tall narrow radiator does not take up much space on the wall and many of our vertical radiator models are not very thick and will therefore not protrude into the room and make the room even narrower. With a depth of just 50 mm, the Hudevad P5 vertical is one of the radiators on the market that takes up the least space. If you simultaneously combine one of our vertical radiators with our hooks or pull knobs for outerwear, a vertical radiator suddenly makes even more sense, as you thus save even more space in your hallway.


Bench radiator for the hallway

A sure winner in most entrances or entrances are our stylish bench radiators. Here you get, in addition to a powerful radiator, a bench that effectively hides radiator parts such as pipes, thermostats, etc. A bench radiator from Hudevad gives you a practical piece of furniture in the hallway, where you can sit, put on shoes, and even place a basket for storage. Our Integral Bench is very useful and can be supplied with several different options for wood cladding for the top plate. The standard color is dark gray RAL 7022 but can be delivered in the color that best suits your interior design style. Our Novus bench is stylish, airy, and easy to clean and can be delivered with beautiful leather cushions in several different colors.


Lowline radiator for the hallway

If the space is cramped or the hallway has large windows to the floor, our Hudevad Lowline series is an option. Most of our Lowline radiators are no higher than 200 mm, can be mounted on legs or with brackets on the wall or ceiling. Our LK radiator can, for example, be placed in front of the window, under the ceiling or simply placed in a trench under the floor. If you want to utilize the space above the radiator, you can use Fionia Lowline which, with its beautiful, angled top grille, gives the room style and class. Hudevad P5 Lowline is beautiful design combined with an effective heat output and fits into all modern homes. Of course, our Lowline radiators can also be camouflaged in the hallway by installing shelves above it, creating a seating area or placing it under wall-mounted cabinets.

Hudevad has the radiator solution for modern homes

At Hudevad, we do everything we can to create a beautiful and inviting radiator design that fits in everywhere. We want coherence in our home and interior design style and with Hudevad as a radiator supplier, you will achieve just that. With our radiator design, you do not have to compromise on your decor and style. With us, you get a timeless, classic Danish design combined with modern technology that can keep you and your home warm for many years.

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