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P5 Easy Clean Bracket

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Easy Clean bracket set for P5 Horizontal radiators, type 10 and 20, height 300-600 mm. The Easy Clean bracket makes cleaning behind the radiator easy and fast, as the radiator can be tilted from the wall.

In rooms with a high turnover of people such as hospital rooms, nursing homes, and psychiatric wards, dust and bacteria will automatically circulate. This is why healthcare-associated infections are such a threat and cleaning is so crucial.

The P5 Easy Clean is designed to be the most hygienic and easy to clean radiator in the world. The completely flat front, closed sides and profiled top allows for no gaps or hidden spaces for dust to collect. There are no convector fins inside or on the backside, which is much more hygienic than traditional radiators.
Connection to the heating system is with flexible hoses on the radiator backside, removing any visible pipework. Lastly, the innovative brackets allow the radiator to be tilted out, allowing for far more effective cleaning behind the radiator, a typical problem in a range of environments.


Package includes 2 pcs. ( 1 set)

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