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Fionia Horizontal

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Unique product: Delivery time up to 12 weeks
Classic Danish Design
10 year warranty
Hudevad radiators are unique and made to order.


Hudevad Fionia Horizontal is a beautifully simplistic design radiator. It has a high level of radiant heat, and is quick to adapt temperatures due to low water content. Fionia has a 2 mm thick front plate with the characteristic Hudevad edge, closed sides and is fitted with a removable grille with angled slats, so you can´t see the convectors inside. The grille is recessed in the top of the radiator so that it is flush with the radiator edge.

Fionia Horizontal can easily be integrated into the interior of any room due to its clean and sleek design.



Radiator casing: 2.00 mm steel according to EN10051
Heating element: steel panel according to EN442
Top grille: Powder coated steel
Test pressure
13 bar
Max. operating pressure
10 bar - in accordance with EN 442
Max. operating temperature
Surface treatment
Pre-treatment by degreasing and steel phosphating.
Powder coated in accordance with DIN 55900, EN 442.
On the emitter the powder coating is preceded by primer coating.
11, 22 and 33
(Selected types not available in all tapping configurations)
320, 420, 520, 620, 720 & 920 mm
For height 200 mm, please see Fionia Lowline
410 - 2020 mm.
(Avaliablity of lengths varies depending of chosen tapping configuration and height)
Type 11: 62 mm
Type 22: 102 mm
Type 33: 160 mm
All tappings 1/2” standard (adapters available)
Tapping Codes 13 and 14 are Euroconus connections and may require adaptors in the UK. Please contact Hudevad for further information.
Hudevad wall mounted brackets, air vent, blind plug, screws and rawl plugs are included.
Mounting straps
2 pcs. mounting straps up to 1700 mm and 3 pcs. from 1800 mm
Powder coated in white RAL 9016, gloss 70
Can be painted in other colours.
Anti tamper bracket for top grille.
Feet for floor mounting and other custom brackets to be ordered separately. Please contact Hudevad if you wish to order these for your horizontal radiator. More information can be also be found in the datasheet.

Tapping overview

Tapping code
Extended casing and kit
Tapping type
Tapping possibilities
ABCD (4 tap)
FF built-in valve (6 tap right)
EE built-in valve (6 tap left)
Center tap R (8 tap right)
Center tap L (8 tap left)
E/F, no valve
E/F, with valve R/L
Hidden tappings, no valve
Hidden tappings, with valve R/L









Black and whites


Flame Red
(RAL 3000)
Signal Red
(RAL 3001)
Carmine Red
(RAL 3002)
Ruby Red
(RAL 3003)
Purple Red
(RAL 3004)
Wine Red
(RAL 3005)
Black Red
(RAL 3007)
Oxide Red
(RAL 3009)
Brown Red
(RAL 3011)
Beige Red
(RAL 3012)
Tomato Red
(RAL 3013)
Antique Pink
(RAL 3014)
Light Pink
(RAL 3015)
Coral Red
(RAL 3016)
(RAL 3017)
Strawberry Red
(RAL 3018)
Traffic Red
(RAL 3020)
Salmon Pink
(RAL 3022)
Raspberry Red
(RAL 3027)
Pure Red
(RAL 3028)
Orient Red
(RAL 3031)
Pearl Ruby Red
(RAL 3032)
Pearl Pink
(RAL 3033)
Yellow Orange
(RAL 2000)
Red Orange
(RAL 2001)
(RAL 2002)
Pastel Orange
(RAL 2003)
Pure Orange
(RAL 2004)
Bright Red Orange
(RAL 2008)
Traffic Orange
(RAL 2009)
Signal Orange
(RAL 2010)
Deep Orange
(RAL 2011)
Salmon Orange
(RAL 2012)
Pearl Orange
(RAL 2013)
Red Lilac
(RAL 4001)
Red Violet
(RAL 4002)
Heather Violet
(RAL 4003)
Claret Violet
(RAL 4004)
Blue Lilac
(RAL 4005)
Tracffic Purple
(RAL 4006)
Purple Violet
(RAL 4007)
Signal Violet
(RAL 4008)
Pastel Violet
(RAL 4009)
(RAL 4010)
Pearl Violet
(RAL 4011)
Pearl Blackberry
(RAL 4012)
Violet Blue
(RAL 5000)
Green Blue
(RAL 5001)
Ultramarine Blue
(RAL 5002)
Sapphire Blue
(RAL 5003)
Black Blue
(RAL 5004)
Signal Blue
(RAL 5005)
Brilliant Blue
(RAL 5007)
Grey Blue
(RAL 5008)
Azure Blue
(RAL 5009)
Gentian Blue
(RAL 5010)
Steel Blue
(RAL 5011)
Light Blue
(RAL 5012)
Cobalt Blue
(RAL 5013)
Pigeon Blue
(RAL 5014)
Sky Blue
(RAL 5015)
Traffic Blue
(RAL 5017)
Turquoise Blue
(RAL 5018)
Capri Blue
(RAL 5019)
Ocean Blue
(RAL 5020)
Water Blue
(RAL 5021)
Night Blue
(RAL 5022)
Distant Blue
(RAL 5023)
Pastel Blue
(RAL 5024)
Pearl Gentian Blue
(RAL 5025)
Pearl Night Blue
(RAL 5026)
Patina Green
(RAL 6000)
Emerald Green
(RAL 6001)
Leaf Green
(RAL 6002)
Olive Green
(RAL 6003)
Blue Green
(RAL 6004)
Moss Green
(RAL 6005)
Grey Olive
(RAL 6006)
Bottle Green
(RAL 6007)
Brown Green
(RAL 6008)
Fire Green
(RAL 6009)
Grass Green
(RAL 6010)
Reseda Green
(RAL 6011)
Black Green
(RAL 6012)
Reed Green
(RAL 6013)
Yellow Olive
(RAL 6014)
Black Olive
(RAL 6015)
Turquoise Green
(RAL 6016)
May Green
(RAL 6017)
Yellow Green
(RAL 6018)
Pastel Green
(RAL 6019)
Chrome Green
(RAL 6020)