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Hudevad radiator bench

Hudevad is one of Europe's leading companies in the development, production and design of radiators. Innovation and Scandinavian minimalism have characterized Hudevad since the company's origins back in 1936 and we have long been pioneers in the art of hiding the look of traditional radiators, instead of conjuring up the beautiful and simple design.

Hudevad bench radiators are the part of the feature where a radiator is combined with a functional piece of furniture. This symbiosis - furniture and radiator in one - turned out to be a desire of many, which we have since realized. It is the perfect way to get all the features and performance you need from a radiator, while at the same time getting the functionality of a beautiful piece of furniture without the radiator being prominent in your decor.

The bench radiator is an elegant and modern piece of furniture that fits perfectly in the hallway, lobby and even in the bathroom. This is the solution many of our customers choose when they want the room to be heat-regulated without the radiator being visible. One of Hudevad's many perfect solutions for creating elegant design harmony in the home.

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Danish Design
Hudevad Radiator Design are Danish designed radiators of the highest quality.
10 year guarantee
We give you free delivery in mainland Europe and the UK and up to 10 years in warranty
Green Heating
We focus on energy-efficient solutions and sustainable construction.

The pioneer of innovation and minimalism

Hudevad was the first company to invent the radiator with a more simplistic surface and front plate. This happened back in the 1930s and since then Hudevad has often been the pioneer in the development of the radiator industry. It is now over 85 years since the first sod for the company was taken and our focus is still the same

We are constantly dedicated to the curiosity we have in the company, to find the best performance, functionality, and high quality, while we innovate our radiator design within the elegant and beautiful Scandinavian minimalism.

We have found the perfect solutions in functionality and design for schools, office buildings, historic locations, restaurants, conference rooms and more. There are no limits to where our bespoke range of radiators can be seamlessly implemented in a room's design and expression. We work closely with architects and building experts so that they can fulfill the aspirations they have for the whole essence of the building.


The beautiful and versatile Hudevad radiator bench

Hudevad Integral Bench is not only a radiator, but also a beautiful and elegant piece of furniture. Here, all radiator parts, including pipes and valves, are modestly hidden in the legs of the bench, so the installation is easy to handle. At the same time, it also makes Integral Bench a perfect solution for your minimalist lifestyle, be it your restaurant, school, healthcare, private residence, or company.

Hudevad Integral Bench has a maximum operating pressure of 10 bar and a maximum operating temperature of 95 degrees Celsius. It is a bench radiator that is very versatile as there are different options for wood cladding. Therefore, you can easily harmonize Integral Bench with your interior design style. With a 10-year guarantee on Hudevad Integral Bench, you get a solution that you can confidently trust and sit on.

Hudevad Novus radiator bench is especially in demand in many public spaces, such as hospitals, schools, offices, and shopping malls. However, Novus is so versatile, beautiful and functional that it is also used in many private homes. Here, the Novus bench radiator harmonizes perfectly with the interior design and the layout of the room. If you have large windows, then this bench radiator is also ideal as protection against cold drafts.

Hudevad Novus bench radiator has a maximum operating pressure of 6 bar and a maximum operating temperature of 110 degrees Celsius. The original model is available in white RAL 9016, but you have the option of choosing other colors for your Novus. The optional leather cushion is offered in the colors cognac, black and brown and complements both the style and color range of the Novus bench radiator.


Tailor-made solutions in beautiful minimalism

Hudevad has many unique designs within our range of radiators, but the common feature of them all is their elegant and Scandinavian minimalist expression. A Hudevad bench radiator is born with a strong performance, reliable usability, tailored adaptability and discreet elegance.

Hudevad has the expertise and experience to find the functional and architectural heating solution for both small and large building projects in many countries.

If you have a technical question or need our help, you are welcome to contact us at
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