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Hudevad vertical radiator

It is often surprising to many, that a radiator can be a beautifully functional and minimalist element in a room. Hudevad radiators present themselves so discreetly, simply and versatile that a greater design harmony is achieved in any modern location.

A vertical radiator from Hudevad is most often used in rooms and rooms where there is not much space. Our customers also choose them for buildings where there are large windows - this, since a larger surface of glass can create cold drafts, which the Hudevad radiator can remedy.

However, it is always only the imagination that sets the limits because our minimalist design helps to create so many applications for how you can use radiators in a home. This also applies to our vertical radiators.

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Danish Design
Hudevad Radiator Design are Danish designed radiators of the highest quality.
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A vertical radiator from Hudevad can be tailored for any purpose

Many people choose Hudevad vertical radiators simply because of the design and functionality. Because they often harmonize better with certain types of rooms than other radiators manage to do. As our vertical radiators also have the option of having knobs and towel rails fitted, they are also an elegant and perfect choice for use in bathrooms, hallways, and kitchens.

Our vertical radiator design is in demand by customers worldwide because you get a high-quality radiator of great performance with an extremely delicate, beautiful, and minimalist look. We tailor warm solutions to our customers so that everything comes together. At Hudevad, we help you on your way to your perfect choice of radiator.

A Hudevad vertical radiator is more than just heating

We, at Hudevad, always seek to break the limits for both the highest quality and performance, as well as for the discreet and tasteful design. This also applies to our popular vertical radiators. We enjoy finding the features that constantly improve the radiator's purpose and function. And for us, it's about far more than just heating.

We have extensive knowledge and expertise in producing high-performance heat-generating radiators. Our team of engineers and partners are experts in innovation, construction and energy. We call it creative craftsmanship meets expert technique. For Hudevad, it has also always been about going beyond just the functionality. Why not at the same time create a unique design that manages to bring together space and building in the most beautiful and simplest way!

Therefore, Hudevad always seeks to push the boundaries of what the vertical radiator can provide, how functionally flexible it can become, and not least, how beautifully it can harmonize with the home and the building's essence.

A vertical radiator exquisite design can surprise most people

The Hudevad Integral Vertical Radiator is our Scandinavian bestseller, which is also finding its way to the European market. It is an extremely strong and timeless radiator with a minimalist elegant look. The smooth front plate, with slightly rounded corners - and with the option of installation without convectors inside - it also gets top marks in cleaning and hygiene.

Our Hudevad P5 Vertical is the epitome of stylish design and reliable performance and embraces the minimalist Scandinavian look. P5 Vertical has a smooth front plate with the characteristic Hudevad edge. The sides are closed, but with a beautifully designed notch that creates a nice and interesting contrast on the otherwise simple radiator.

The vertical radiator, Hudevad Fionia Vertical, is one of our best-selling and perhaps also the radiator with the simplest expression with completely closed sides, our Hudevad signature edge on the front and with the option of mounting a removable top grille. Fiona Vertical has a great radiant heat capacity and manages to adapt quickly to very changing temperatures. With the low water content, the heat functionality is top notch.

Hudevad Plan XV Vertical is one of our most in-demand radiators, which with efficient performance and surprising functionality can play its part in very large rooms and buildings. Plan XV is made with several radiators inside and is finished with a simple and smooth cover, which makes it ideal for installation and adaptation to challenging locations, where you either want to hide the radiator or highlight it to become an active part of the decoration.

Our fantastic Hudevad SC Vertical radiator is unique as it makes sure not to block light from outside and into the room. The radiator's narrow, flat water-filled elements are placed vertically from top to bottom and playfully let the sun's light and air find their way into the room. Hudevad SC Vertical is actually made to create an ideal solution for locations by windows, narrow passages or corridors, and other places where there is a lack of space - but SC Vertical is in demand for many other rooms due to the unique and beautiful design.


We master the highest quality and unique elegance

Hudevad has the expertise and experience to find the functional and architectural heating solution for both small and large building projects in many countries.
If you have a technical question or need our help, you are welcome to contact us at +45 75 42 02 55 or in the UK at 02476 881 200 or fill out the form below, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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