A horizontal radiator across the wall has been the classic dimension in homes and buildings worldwide for a long time. However, this does not mean that this traditional dimension has an expiration date. Innovation from Hudevad gives you a beautiful versatility, where the possibilities in appearance and use burst the framework while keeping the shape. Also, when it comes to the horizontal radiator, where our elegant models are in demand worldwide.


Horizontal radiator with a strong performance in an eminent design

We have many different unique designs within our range of horizontal radiators. Common to them all, is their often minimalist appearance, with an exquisitely smooth front plate and shape that forms a beautiful and exclusive expression.

The primary focus for our development and design of radiators is to create a fully functional quality product, which main task is to produce energy-saving heat for the home or building. We have a strong global team of engineers and designers who are constantly working on improvements to our stringent requirements for heat generation in our radiators.


We master creating heat, but do not limit ourselves to it

Hudevad design is about creating more than just heating. Our horizontal radiator is not only a source of efficient heat, but an important part of the building's style and appearance. A radiator that discreetly and elegantly harmonizes with the surroundings, to create a higher unity and beautiful flow in the room.

That is why Hudevad is recognized worldwide today as the solution to elegant, high-quality tailor-made radiator designs that appeal to all types of buildings and industries, whether large or small. From installers to architects to civil engineers - we create individual solutions for all industries through our simple and beautiful design.


We have a beautiful selection of horizontal radiators

Hudevad's assortment contains, among other things, our Hudevad Integral Horizontal, which is beautiful minimalism in a timeless design. The slightly rounded corners sharpen the elegance and together with the smooth front plate, Hudevad Integral Horizontal is both easy to clean, creates optimal warmth and remains a beautiful design element in the room. There is air between the floor and the radiator and if you choose piping through the wall, Hudevad Integral Horizontal appears even more elegant and minimalist.

Our Hudevad P5 Horizontal is narrow and simple, where the Scandinavian simplicity and modern lightness stand out clearly. The thicker types of P5 have closed sides, but with a beautifully designed notch at the top that creates a nice and interesting contrast to the otherwise simple radiator. P5 Horizontal is a strong radiator with great performance and a minimalist look.

Hudevad Fionia Horizontal is one of our best-selling horizontal radiators, with the closed sides, removable grille and the characteristic Hudevad front. It is simply a beautiful and simple radiator with a high proportion of radiant heat. Hudevad Fionia Horizontal is a beautiful, fully functional and unique radiator design.

Hudevad Plan Horizontal is our original signature radiator, and the first Hudevad Plan design left the factory back in 1939. At the time, the smooth faceplate was quite unique and had not been seen before. Today it is a natural element in all Hudevad's Horizontal radiators. However, Plan Horizontal has undergone a modernization in recent years and is now reintroduced to the market in a new contemporary design that lives up to our modern requirements for efficiency and modern style. Of course, the Hudevad Plan radiator still has the smooth front plate with our signature edge, while the steel slats at the top have been updated and redesigned.


We master the highest quality and unique elegance

Hudevad has the expertise and experience to find the functional and architectural heating solution for both small and large building projects around the world.

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