For over 85 years, Hudevad has mastered creating high-quality, high-performance design radiators. But we have always followed our basic curiosity to create more than efficient heating.

In addition to creating functional radiators, we have gone a step further - that radiator development must also be about designing a beautiful and elegant element that can be adapted to any modern room, home and location.

Hudevad radiators are of the best quality, while the Scandinavian, minimalist design style harmonizes beautifully with the interior of the home. Creating a necessary heat source for a home or building must, in our aesthetic world, be about more than just heating. This also applies to our beautiful range of Hudevad Lowline radiators.


The Hudevad Lowline radiator is about more than efficient heating

Through our creative design, Hudevad radiators help to highlight the room's interior design and adapt beautifully to the building's appearance. This also applies to Hudevad Lowline radiators, which have a fantastic adaptability and are the perfect solution for rooms with large windows, as they with their minimum height do not screen the view.

With a minimum height of only 200 millimeters, the Hudevad Lowline radiators are in no way a nuisance. Hudevad Lowline has been created as a supplement to our other radiator series Horizontal and Vertical, to create a coherent and harmonious expression in the individual rooms and buildings.

The functional and aesthetic purpose put together in elegant symbiosis for Hudevad Lowline radiators is precisely that the space must harmonize with the elements placed in it - including elements such as radiators.


The lowline radiator is ideal for large windows

The Hudevad SC Lowline radiator is a really beautiful heat source for modern buildings. This Lowline radiator has a unique and at the same time discreet and elegant look. Here, both air and light from outside are allowed to pass through the radiator's water - filled elements and create an ideal indoor climate in the room.

The Hudevad Fionia Lowline radiator is a beautiful and minimalist radiator with high convection heat that quickly adapts to changing temperatures. Here the front plate is smooth with the elegant and characteristic Hudevad edge and has completely closed sides. The top grille can be removed for easy cleaning. Together, it creates a very clean and simple expression, which plays beautifully with the rooms setting


Hudevad has the radiator that compliments any construction

Hudevad has the expertise and experience to find the functional and architectural heating solution for both small and large building projects in many countries.

If you have a technical question or need our help, you are welcome to contact us at +45 75 42 02 55 or in the UK at 02476 881 200 or fill out the form below, and we will contact you as soon as possible. We have the expertise to find the perfect solution for you.