Under other radiators you will find our radiators that do not exactly fit into a common category, radiators for a very specific purpose, radiators that are a bit out of the ordinary or just radiators that are manufactured in larger quantities on a purely project basis.

Here you will find, among other things, Hudevad Terra, our trench heater, which can be equipped with many different and beautiful grilles and is available in many shapes and sizes with and without ventilation.

Also look at the Hudevad Tube - our industrial spiral ribbed  radiator or the Hudevad Horizon, which enables multiple Hudevad radiators to be installed next to each other without visible piping etc.

What all our other radiators have in common is that they require manual dexterity and have many operations that cannot be solved mechanically, but rather must be carried out by our skilled craftsmen to become the final Hudevad product.

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